Stitch darts in Bodice Front (1). Press darts toward centre front.
Stitch darts in Bodice Back (2). Press darts toward centre back.
Stitch Bodice Back and Bodice Front together at sides: Left side only from armhole to * sign.
Leave rest open for zipper. Press seams open.
Leave shoulder seams open.


Reinforce Facing (1A + 2A) with fusible interfacing (excluding seams)
Stitch side seams of reinforced Facing (1A+2A) Front + Facing Back together. Press open.
Place Facing on Bodice, right sides together.
Stitch neck + armholes.
Leave shoulder seams open.
Slash round seams to 1/8 inch before stitching-line.
Turn the Facing and press.
Now stitch shoulder seams of Bodice Front- and Bodice Back together. Press open.
Fold shoulder seams of Facing inside and sew them together by hand.


Stitch right side seam of Yoke Front (3) and Yoke Back (4) together. Press open.
Leave left side-seam open for zipper.
Stitch Yoke and Bodice together. Press seams up.


Stitch top of Insert Left (9) and top of Insert Right (10) together.
Press open.
Fold the Inserts on dotted line. Press.
Stitch Insert Left (9) (the shortest) to left side (shortest side) of Centre-Skirt (6)
till sign .
Leave top of Centre Skirt (6) open. (Bow will be placed there later).
Slash round seams. Press open.
Stitch Insert Right (10) (the longest) to right side (longest side) of Centre-Skirt (6)
till sign .
Leave top of Centre Skirt (6) open. (Bow will be placed there later).
Slash round seams. Press open.
Stitch Left Front Skirt (5) to Insert form Left (9) till sign .
Slash round seams. Press open.
Stitch Right Front Skirt (7) to Insert Right (10) till sign .
Slash round seams. Press open.
Baste Inserts, which are left open, together on stitching line.
Stitch right side seam of Front (7 + 10 + 6 + 9 + 5) and Back Skirt (8) together. Press open.
Stitch left side seam of Front and Back Skirt till sign * for zipper. Press open.
Stitch Skirt to Yoke. Press seams up.

Fold seam line Zipper and baste. Press. Slash round seams to 2/8 inch (5mm) from seam line.
Baste and stitch Zipper.


Reinforce parts of Bow (11 + 12 +13), only one side, with fusible interfacing (excluding seams).
Stitch long side seams of Upper Bow. (13)
Reverse and press.
Leave short ends open.
Fold Bow on dotting line.
Baste short ends together.
Fold lower side of bow in to the right size. + baste.
Sew bow (13) by hand) in the open space between Yoke (3) and Inserts (9+10).
Stitch side seams + slanting bottom side of Lower Bow Long (11). At angles with small stitches.
Cut cloth at angles close to the stitching line. Reverse + press.
Fold open upper side in to the right size. Baste.
Make Lower Bow Short (12) the same way as Lower Bow Long (11).
Baste Bow (12) upon Bow (11).
Sew bow (11+12) by hand in the open space between Centre-Skirt (6) and Inserts (9+10).
Now worst part begins: Sew Upper Bow (13) together with Lower Bow (11+12) by hand.
Attention: A lot of layers of cloth!
Use a thimble!
Sew hem Skirt by hand. Press.
Finishing Touch: Sew Upper Bow (13) loosely to Bodice (1) (one stitch).
Now be proud of yourself: You did it!!


First take your measure and don't fool yourself. Most important are: Bust and Waist.
Choose your measure on the measure table.


Trace the pattern, in your own measure, on tracing-paper. And cut it out.

This pattern is without allowance. Add 5/8 inch for all seams. (later trim seam neck-and armholeseams to 2/8 inch). Add 1 4/8 inch for hem.

Cut parts 5,6,7, and parts 9 en 10(on the bias) SINGLE and cloth FACE UP! See cutting lay out. Fould double: always right sides together.