Double Trouble 2001

Our idea embroidered on our previous work 'Double Trouble' (2001) wherein the double motive is a central theme. We call ourselves 'Siamese Twin Wannabees' Our fascination with twins developed during our long cooperation.
We play with two aspects of the dual entity which make the twins clash: looking the same and having similar souls.

We are asking ourselves:
is it really that much fun to have a double?
When somebody looks just like you and you are mixed up with the other, how does it affect your ego? On the other hand there are so many people who are dressing in the same way, that one would suspect there is a kind of desire for a similar appearance.

'a woman alone

'Gucci-Twins' 2001 foto: Kiki Kouthoofd
Gucci Twins                        see more pictures

The small black dresses are sewn together at the skirt parts.
We show that this magical dual entity also has a dark side.
How can one develop its own identity
if one is completely at the mercy of the other?

' Fame and Fortune' paper shoe

To be honest; " I am not the real one"
L'atelier Rouge 2005     see picture

This world is full of strange doubles in the form of look-alikes, alter ego's, reflections, dummies and impersonators. By means of sampling, recycling, simulation and cloning , copying seems to have become a second nature. Our search for the twin motive almost naturally leads to the concept of cloning.
see here

' C.C.' the first cloned cat

The Pattern The dress is an existing model.
(Already was a copy).
We chose her from the costume department of the Centraal Museum in Utrecht, the Netherlands.
With white gloves on we were allowed to study her.
We drew the pattern by hand.
After the ‘toile' (first version) we reworked it until we got the complete fit and then designed the definitve form. By drawing you interprete the dress in your own way. This is working by the millimetre.
Thus it became a real Duo-Unknown Double FF (this is our brand) Dress.

The Result: The Dress The hand of the maker will be recognized in the dress, for instance the choice of  fabric will define how the dress will look.
By making the dress of stiff fabric, the dress will look completely different from one that is made out of supple fabric.
But also: will the maker of the dress be skillful or careless?
How will the dress finally look on the photo and in what kind of surroundings will it be shown?


The Exhibition: Too Much Of The Same

The exhibition will be titled: 'Too Much Of The Same'. During our cooperation with Gucci for the project “Double Trouble” the windowdresser told us that each windowshop of Gucci had to look  exactly the same all over the world. That was his job and that was what he watched over. We were surprised by such clone-impulse, and decided to copy this method. To push the idea of cloning to extremes the exhibition will be shown simultaneously in different places

Global Fashion / Local Tradition   Centraal Museum Utrecht  17.9.2005 / 15.1.2006

See video: Centraal museum
Presentation of THE RED DRESS  Torch Gallery Amsterdam   15.10.2005 / 29.10.2005
10 models will show the Red Dress in a performance walking on shoes of Rem.D Koolhaas
See Torch Gallery :the Presentation
See video: Red forest  
Presentation of THE RED DRESS   Amsterdam     23.3.2006 / 30.6.2006
See interview/video The Box    15 05 2006
Dresscode Historisches Museum St Gallen Swiss 01.09.2006 / 07.01.2007