Introducing: The Red Dress, Dress of Dresses, Mother of All Dresses, The Perfect Dress,
especially for you!


Dear Girls, Girlfriends and Ladies

Do you TOO suffer from an oversized Ego? Does it need to become a bit smaller?
Then join our club: Get rid of your identity and sew your own clone-dress, just like we do!

We are sending this pattern all over the world and we ask all the addressees to make this dress and send us a photo of themselves with the dress on.

It doesn't matter if you are : old, young, small, tall, skinny, fat, celeb or housewife; The only demand is: the dress must be RED!!!

(As you know there are millions of reddish colours; it can have a dessin; you can make it a couture-piece or just a summer-dress. So you have a lot of opportunities to let your own Ego/Identity slip into the result).

All photo's and a few dresses will be shown at the exhibition; ‘Global Fashion, Local Tradition', September 17, 2005 to Januari 2006 in the Centraal Museum, Utrecht.

October 15, 2005 there will be a show in Torch Gallery, Amsterdam, titled: ‘Too Much of The Same'. Ten models will be showing their red dresses.

You're invited in the audience wearing the red dress. Models and audience all are the same.

Please send your photo before August 15, 2005 to the 2 artists of the Duo Unknown Company:
Elma van Imhoff
Saskia van Santen Kolff
Windroosplein 77
1018 ZZ  Amsterdam
The Netherlands